Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why now

I really can’t believe that you want in after the turmoil I was in, I begged for your help, yet you selfishly turned your back on the situation, you have no back bone and yet you want connection now. Are you kidding me? Two years not one word and you think a card is the way back in to my world? I can honestly say I can’t stand the site of you.

My heart says to forgive, my soul says to be at peace and yet my mind takes me back to the moment I cried for you....and you want connection.......?????? NOW…….!!!!!! WTF

Selo says it best and yet I won’t quote, I’ll just quietly say those very words to make me smile.

mama lou tina I can hear you says forgive… Im not ready and I love my world without the illness of others, She was never a part of my world, so why try NOW…STAY Away and I’ll be happier for it..

UGH the Nerve........Live your life and not invade mine. I have moved on, we have no conection.......

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