Sunday, October 17, 2010

LOL Im just venting peeps

My life was going along so well and happy times and memories were being made but then something happen and the universe opened up and said…
Hey u need a bit of shaking up baby…
So little by little the forces that be were allowing bits of other peoples BS into my world and then I’ve come to reutilize that these people just don’t want to be happy, live for drama and feel the need to share these ill ways with others. I also realize that no matter how much support, love, advice and a good meal you give them, they well never want to be happy.

I have my moments when I just want to pack up and change my identity, I’ve allowed myself to become a puppet to these lost souls and my mantra of “Don’t feed into others insecurities, I’m a gown azz man...High School was 20 years ago...Come correct” Has more of a Ghetto flair that these lost souls can handle. “Keep the BS at the front door, bring cash for my services and grow the Fu#k up”

Ya get what ya give. ….OneLove peeps :0)