Monday, September 6, 2010

Who's Business???

My business is my business and yo business is yo business and when ya try to get into other people’s business it’s so not the business.....Live for you and not for the approval of others. I understand your confusion of wandering, pleasing those around you, and yet when all is said and done and no longer your approval committee is around, it leaves you with the trash of picking up the pieces and hiding out in the world you created to comfort your pain.

I surrender to life and will live for the that one moment of truth when I can smile and say “I did it my way” laugh if you may, but that’s the way I deal with my pain a cheesy line to carry me to the next gig of demons in my head. I am good, I am worthier, I am scared………comfort me, I want to be set free, someone hear me…….

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