Thursday, August 5, 2010

D10 our next Supervisor Malia Cohen

It's not what a candidate can do for a specific group of people, but what that individual brings to a community as a whole; this is why I'm endorsing Malia Cohen for District 10 Supervisor.
I’ve been involved in different community groups in the Visitacion Valley . Many people in San Francisco have never herd of Visitacion Valley and those that have know it for its high crime, low income housing and the infamous “ Geneva Towers". 

Well things are changing and it's not only the many redevelopment projects  in our district, but it's also evident with the many candidates running for district 10 supervisor, (at last count it was 28) were headed for a brighter future and we'll need a strong leader.

During the past year,  I  notice a young woman who attended many of the same meetings and community events that I attended, not knowing who or what her interest was in this community, I soon learned that she is a native daughter of district 10 and is also running for district 10 Supervisor. After talking to Malia and hearing her views on our community,  I automatically felt a connection and realness that you don't find in many politicians.

I believe that Malia  has the leadership skills,  passion and education to be our  next supervisor for district 10 . Malia grew up in this community, she knows of the struggles we  face every day. her  commitment to this community is real. Malia will be a major player in bringing together our vibrant community of many cultures, working classes and residents that are craving to be apart of the bigger community of San Francisco,  we no longer want to be the forgotten community in the Southeast corner. We  need a supervisor that in not afraid to speak up for our community and has the drive and determination to see issues through.

I'm asking that you my family and friends please join me in supporting Malia Cohen and help elect Malia  as our next supervisor for District 10 in November.

Neo Veavea

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