Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gay Samoans!!??!!!

Yeah, I get asked that allot. I'm 6'1" 320 pounds of pure corn beef. I look like I could be a linebacker for the 49ers. Shaved head, tribal tattoos on each arm. One that represents the navigator Islands that we were once called, the other that bares the Kava bowl Samoans use in ceremony's that honors our traditions. Many people aren't aware that there are Gay Samoans or for that matter, never heard of a Samoan. I guess you can't blame people.

Many times I've gone out with my Gay friends and was asked at the door by the doorman, "Do you know this is a Gay club?" I'm even asked the same question by Samoan Doormen. They're not sure if we just stumbled into the wrong place or what, until one of us gives that one look that only a straight Samoan man knows. That's the "I'll have you later" look.

I sometimes think that I should have a sign on my forehead that says "Gay Samoan proceed with caution". I'm no longer willing to hide behind the ruff and tuff image society has given me. I stop letting these feelings of loneliness take my sprit away. Not too many Gay Samoans are out and being heard. "Hey! Say it loud I'm gay and I'm proud" It's just not something we do. But times are changing and some say for the worst, but the worst is over now that I'm free.

We now need to express our lifestyles showing other Samoans we are not the puletasi wearing, seamstress making, bingo going queens of the past. We are asked to participate in family fa'alavelaves (business/responsibilities) raising our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and third cousins removed. Helping displaced uncles, aunts and people that aren't even related but come from the same village as our parents came from.
"Fa'afafine's (Gays) have such a loving heart."

I often think of the phrase "The ones that came before us". Have I done enough to help other young Gay Samoans feel better about coming out? What has my history of being gay given to the youth of today? Being out and about letting God and all my people know. Yeah I'm a queer faggot and what of it. "You like Beef?" Referring to the Hawaiian Pigeon slang, ya wanna fight?

I'm OLD SCHOOL. I share with you the lessons I've come to learn. Embrace your sexuality as you would your culture. Without one or the other happiness is nothing but a dream. Believe in your truths for it speaks more then you'll ever imagine. Hold your head up high, never looking back. Because my battles today, will lesson yours. I never want you to feel the solitude I endured. Walk with an attitude that demands respect but never lose the humbleness that gives you power. Always remember and respect the ones that paved the way. It's now your turn to make a way so that others can hear your story and live without fear. Those of us that are in a position to make a difference should remember how hard it was.

So don't waste your life just trying to keep up with Johnson's. Shake up your world and REPRESENT !!!!!! "Hate takes too much from ones soul; tolerance is the beginning of truth. Start giving your truths to the world."

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