Friday, April 23, 2010

What color can I be this month?

White Girl, Samoan Gurl
Frizzy, nappy, waving, long hair
Skin as dark as a coconut shell that has been polished for the tourist that will help feed her family.
Faa Samoa is learned in her own screwed up way of thinking.
Blames it on Christianity she always says.
Your privileged is your excuse to never see your own inadequacies
Blame it on the white girl, is your motto
You'll never be like her no matter how hard you study, pose, talk like a valley bitch
Never living in your own skin always playing the white girl part.
Sad Samoan girl always running from your roots, only to bleach you're hair color to the mold you always desired.
Never happy with your genetic makeup.
Magazines pictures of women that you can never be. Poor little white girl, living in a Samoan world.
Giving from the heart is something of a novelty.
Taking of one’s heart is more of a reality.
Stays away, don’t get to close or my pure white venom will spray you with my truth.
Yes, I'm a white girl living in a Samoan world. Never feeling comfortable in my own skin
Only to be left alone, in my fantasy world of Samoans, wistfulness, my loneliness of never-ness,
Wanting acceptance only to be rejected, never finding the truth in my world of solitude.
Wake up stupid bitch; no one wants a white girl that looks like a Samoan girl that wants to be a white girl.

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