Friday, April 23, 2010

To Tell The Truth

To tell the truth

Don’t take my kindness for weakness as I have heard it said many times before.
Shear ignorance is a blessing in it’s self for to live your life in a fog gives you less responsibility for your own action,
Not knowing here nor there, always playing the victim,
Maybe that’s the line to use?

I know the game to well to pretend and in the end the light will reveal all the truths we hide ourselves from, all for nothing and nothing at all, you tell me what’s the energy that I’m putting out for you to feel.

Now I know we all have our moments and at times we think to ourselves what are the possibilities of being just a bit off in that special way and does everyone around me have issues, problems and dramas???
God forbid you should be positive about anything that comes out of ones mouth, then this to must imply I too am crazy, why am I’m still hanging around these fools , absorbing the crazy emotions that have attached themselves to the lives of everyone that surrounds them.
I just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time to be your friend

Now it’s my turn to cut you off, walks away, hit the streets and never look back!!
I wonder why it is that some individuals feel the need to lie and never think about the repercussions a lie can have on ones everyday life.
The severity of what a lie can do. The seed has been planted and even if the truth should prevail, there is always that small question and doubt
That sits in the back of your mind and wondering about you have heard if it’s the truth or not?
I’ll be true to the very end but until then, the ball is in your court. Care to serve?

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