Friday, April 23, 2010

Take me away

Take me away from all this madness I know this can’t be happening to me,
I’m not the crazy one, keep myself out of the loop and still I get called out just for being me, bitter not, scared not. Confused yet tired of them, him, her, it,

Wanting a reaction, getting satisfaction from countless BS accusation of seeing me,
Wanting to be like me,
Do you want me?

And yet living the dream of seeing you, laughing at you, crying for you, praying for you?
Close the door; free yourself from the madness of thinking of me day in and day out,
I’m just not feeling you right now

Stop listening to the others, remember way back when I was your only hope, only one? Gave you direction, your culture back when you lost it on your many journeys to fine that one person to love you

The never ending dream of you having your long flowing extension of many colors, hair strands so delicately woven and glued in place, the full figured Polynesian girl you want to be, yet knowing the mussels in your calves will give you away, let’s not forget about the Adams apple. And of course the 5 o’clock shadow that’s always on time, Damm I need me some dam hormones~!!!!!!!!!
Not the street kind, that’s the stuff that’ll give you an extra susu on the side of you head and please Mary I don’t need any more attention then I already have, Standing at 6’5 270pounds 14 size triple e feet and shoulders that any linebacker would die for. You think I want this change for just the hell of it????

I need the stuff that the good doctor will prescribe for me, you know the kind, gives good smooth face, the voice of a squeaky povi (cow)……yeah that’s the stuff I’m willing to fight any queen in the streets, yeah that’s the stuff I need.

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