Friday, April 23, 2010

The fabrice of my existence


The fabric of my existence is battling the differences that I was raised with, what I have learned and the experiences I have lived so far.
To be pulled is so many directions, family, friends, community and trying to do the right thing to balance this fast pace moving life without missing any opportunities that presents it’s self.

Making decisions that can affect a life long friendship or do I selfishly give to others and neglect my own happiness? I have learned to let go and stop relaying on others and pursue my dreams and visions of what I believe to be true.
So many have been kind and offered love, support and words of wisdom they live by, what’s good for you, works for you. All I can do is listen with an open heart and mind,

Every day I feel that something wonderful is about to happen, that will change my life forever and then I realize that it is happing everyday around me,
I’m ever so thankful for the many blessing in my life and what I have been able to do and experience. The many different types of people that I have interacted with.

I can do this. Life is a lesson and we can take this journey together. Tell someone you care.

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