Friday, April 23, 2010

A change is coming

My game face in the hood is my armor for survival,
The war zone spreads out in the valley if you’re not aware.
Looks of fear forever indented on the innocents faces.
Mothers crying out for justice are the voices ever heard?

It’s said this is a diverse community, yet separation is still the comfort we all rely on, knowing its wrong and wanting to change, taking the first step into fear holds us back.
Cultural differences divide the valley, understanding, tolerance and education is what’s needed to move forward. It’s survival of the riches; monitory gain is the game we play and not for those who dodged the bullets that ring out in the hood, this is a reminder of the violence that is still here in the valley.
Is it your turn to benefit of the coming changes in our hood?

The wave of new immigrants has changed the color barriers we see everyday and shifted the playing field for those that have no game, wake up and be counted, your days are numbered.

My mantra begins “another day in the hood” chant it loud and clear like the winds that rushes between the valley hills.

At the highest point atop the John McLaren ridge, overlooking the valley, this special place helps clears my mind.
The cool air travels to the bay, in the distance the fog rolls down the San Bruno Mountains.
I close my eyes and imagine tribal grounds, scared traditions long forgotten and yet cry out to be heard.
Bulldozer in the distance with sounds of renewal, a valley that is changing its cosmetic blemish.
I no longer fear this place called Visitacion Valley,
I want in to this new valley.
I have become the new pioneer.
Let the games start with me.

Neo Veavea

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